A Vintage Home

As a professional couple, weekday cooking essentially involved thawing and reheating their housekeeper's fare in the microwave.  In the future they hoped to enjoy cooking together and to do more entertaining, truly a feat of magic in their existing kitchen.

Unique to this household, cooking was not to be just a necessity, and both partners would be primary cooks. The space would need to be tailored to the cooking style of each of them and to their differing physical characteristics, as one was tall and the other operated from operated from a wheelchair.

Live Work 2001 Project

Working with Builder Magazine, "world-class" architect Andres Duany, and production builder, Beazer Homes, MJP, Inc. designed and specified kitchen and bathrooms for three show houses. Each unit had a different challenge with a different client profile, a different size and shape of space, and a different target price point. Following are photos and details of these very unique urban infill Atlanta homes.

Additional Reading

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New Home Essentials

This kitchen was first designed as an idea center for builders and home-owners working with GE appliances. After a tour of duty as an exhibit it will soon be permanently installed by the University of Southern California where it will be used as a working universally designed kitchen.

Additional Reading:

  • http://www.ncsu.edu/project/design-projects/sites/cud/content/Interior_Design/New_Home_Essentials/index.html
Designers, builders, and others reacted very positively to the focus on lifestyle and diversity of activity, as well as users. The computer area, which can seat one or two people and doubles as a seated cooking/baking area, was a hit. It seems more comfortable for many of us to acknowledge flexibility for different functions, rather than flexibility for different physical abilities.

Family Reunion

This project was designed for a Victorian farmhouse, with details true to the character of the home.

Subtle Universal Design 

for a couple "aging in place."