I am building a home in another region of the country. How can your firm design my kitchen from such a distance?

A: Our conceptual designs are based on a dimensioned floor plan supplied by the architect, builder, or homeowner. We used the term 'conceptual' because our designs should not be used for construction purposes, rather the designs can be incorporated into the architects' drawings or the cabinet suppliers' working drawings based on exact site measurements.

Do you have a showroom that I can visit?

A: We are an independent design firm that does not typically sell or supply product, and we do not have a showroom. However, we do have the opportunity to work with and specify products from a number of manufacturers to best suit your personal style, budget, and space, and we can supply materials when desired.

I already have a great relationship with an architect and cabinet supplier. Why would we need your services?

A: We can work as a team with the architect, cabinet supplier, contractor, and other trades to create the best space for you. We do space planning in areas the cabinet supplier may not, such as the entire Master Suite. We take the time to evaluate your needs, and may be able to offer solutions and products not available through your cabinet supplier.

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