This kitchen was first designed as an idea center for builders and home-owners working with GE appliances. After a tour of duty as an exhibit it will soon be permanently installed by the University of Southern California where it will be used as a working universally designed kitchen.

Designed for a family with a variety of members and activities, this kitchen has multiple work centers and a focus on flexibility.

Notice multiple food prep stations and seated work stations (above).  

Breakfast table, framed by open storage and a tableside microwave oven.

The elevated dishwasher improves access and creates an attractive visual break between the prep sink and the family room. Notice the dish storage above the dishwasher and near the table.

The space below the cooktop can be used as traditional storage or as a kneespace for the seated cooking. The adjacent sink helps complete this work center and eliminates the risk of carrying hot pots to the main sink.

A side by side refrigerator improves access for even the shortest family member and the pull-out work surface makes transfer from the comfortable height oven easy.

The computer station doubles as a seated work area for food prep.

The pantry storage includes a rolling cart for flexible storage and easy transfer of items around the kitchen.