As a professional couple, weekday cooking essentially involved thawing and reheating their housekeeper's fare in the microwave.  In the future they hoped to enjoy cooking together and to do more entertaining, truly a feat of magic in their existing kitchen. Unique to this household, cooking was not to be just a necessity, and both partners would be primary cooks. The space would need to be tailored to the cooking style of each of them and to their differing physical characteristics, as one was tall and the other operated from using a wheelchair.

Some details

  • Cabinetry: custom shop 
  • Counters: soapstone 
  • Floor: stone 
  • Accents: copper, wrought iron, leaded glass
Original Floorplan

Original Floorplan

Redesigned Floorplan

Redesigned Floorplan

The before/after plans show how space was maximized to meet the challenges in this vintage home.

One work center with refrigerator, cooktop, and sink. Notice open knee space and pull-out and fold-up counters for additional transfer surfaces. Also notice diamond pattern repeated in copper hood, floor, hardware. 

Second work center with sink, dishwasher and carefully accessed corner storage. Notice tambor or roll-top access to plate storage and recess at sink. Again notice diamond pattern in original windows, floor, hardware, and pegs on cabinet doors. 

Notice the diamond pattern in the window, the fabric, the hardware, the pegs on cabinet doors and the vintage lighting. Another view of this work center with side-swing door oven, pull-out work surfaces, and a great sense of the character of the space. 

The furniture look, popular today, creates easily accessed storage in this hutch.